Trail of the planets, Steinegg, Italy

Departure and arrival: Hotel Ritterhof – Steinegg and Max Valier Astronomical Observatory in Gummer
Driving distance from the starting point: 15 minutes
Difficulty degree: easy

From Ritterhof, you arrive at the starting point of the path, along the road to Gummer – after approx. 7 km turn right in the direction of the Observatory and Untereggerhof, where you park your car.

Starting from the Observatory, you will find at km 0,058 the first planet Mercury, at km 0,108 – the second planet Venus, and at km 0,149 – the third planet Earth. By following the route, you reach the fourth planet Mars at km 0,228. After a slight ascent, you find the fifth planet Jupiter at km 0,78. The path goes on through the woods with fantastic panoramic views, up to the Malgeier farm, where at km 1,43 the sixth planet Saturn is located.

  • Distance: 10 km
  • Time of walking: 3h
  • Altitude gap: Aufstieg 200m Abstieg 200m
Trail of the planets, Steinegg, Italy