Planet trail Utrecht

A day of walking or cycling on the planet trail in Utrecht.

The Planet trail in Utrecht is a day trip through Utrecht and surroundings where you will encounter all planets in our solar system. Of course not in actual size but 1,000,000,000 times smaller, so you can travel the Planet trailon foot or by bicycle. The nice thing about the path is that you can sail about half of the path with a kayak. The route has been chosen in such a way that there is a lot to see along the way, special buildings, including the Sonnenborgh observatory and museum and a lot of nature along the Kromme Rijn and park Rhijnauwen and Amelisweerd.


Rob Rutten (1994)

Louk Röell (2018)

Rob Bronckers (2020)

The Planet trail in Utrecht starts at the Dom which is situated on the Domplein. About 10 minutes walk from the Central Station in Utrecht. 


The Planet trail starts at Domplein in Utrecht and consists of three parts.

  • Part 1 of the Dom to Saturn, about 2.5 km on foot or by bicycle
  • Part 2 from Saturn to Neptune, 4.2 – 5.7 km on foot, bicycle or partly by Kayak
  • Part 3 Return from Neptune on foot or by Bus 41 to Utrecht Central Station, by kayak: kayak back and then tram 22 (the outdoor line)

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