Trail part 2

Planet trail on foot or kayak (4.2 or 5.7 km)

Planet trail by bicycle or on foot (4.2 km)


From Saturn, the route for the bicycle is different from the footpath. You can be naughty and follow the footpath by bicycle, but that is not allowed.

On foot: walk further over the Kromme Rijn, go down the stairs on the left and follow the right bank of the Kromme Rijn. If you want to rent kayaks go directly after the football station Galgenwaard across the road and follow the left bank of the Kromme Rijn and rent kayaks at the Rijnstroom. If not, continue along the right bank until the Kromme Rijn passes under the A27. Go there to the left bank and find Uranus.

By bicycle: Cycle slightly back from Saturn, through the tunnel into Neptune Street, turn left via Comet Street, to Venus Avenue. From there cycle past the football stadium, keep left and follow Weg tot de Wetenschapand at the first exit turn right into “Weg naar Rhijnauwen”. Park your bicycle there and rent a kayak at the Rijnstroom or by cycling to the A27 where Uranus is located.

With the kayak: You can find the kayaks at the most northern point of the route maps. Sail towards Rhijnauwen. Uranus is on the left at underpass A27.